Brock & Farrar Collectibles

Indian Sculpture, Beaverhead Medicine Man
B&F Number: 15374
Studio: Cybis
Hallmark/Mold Number: 703
Date Mark: 1969
Brock & Farrar Price: $1,600

11" Tall and 9 1/2" wide. In 1969 Cybis releasted the first in a series of American Indian sculptures that portrayed the grace, culture and colorful rituals of the various tribes across America. The first in the series representing the Blood Tribe of the Blackfeet, which belonged to the Algonquin federation, was "Beaverhead, Medicine Man". From the buffalo horns on his head (symbolizing the Great Spirit) to his black and yellow leggings and the beaver bundle in his hands (believed to give its holder power over waters), Beaverhead is accurate in every detail. Issued in 1969 at $2,000 as a limited edition of 500, of which 350 were scheduled for release in America. This example is #146 of that issue.